An Update

Hello y’all.

It has been a couple of months since I was able to find the time and the motivation to write a blog post.

I recently just finished my first semester of college and throughout the course of the semester, so much has happened.

As someone who lives legally blind, I knew college was going to be a bit of a mix up, but little did I know what it really had in store for me.

I started out expecting to be a little lost, but those first 6 weeks of college tested my strength, my confidence, and my motivation. I started therapy again. Not only were my classes challenging and my teacher not accommodating, but being away from the comfort of my family was added stress. On top of all of that, many more medical issues arose over the course of the semester.

It started with feelings of fatigue, pain in my abdomen and uterus, and consistent headaches. After multiple appointments with a variety of specialists we were able to diagnose a hormonal issue- an estrogen deficiency. Because of my low estrogen, it causes low blood sugar, or hypoglycemia. Low estrogen also causes poor bone health which may be the cause of my scoliosis and lordosis. As I prepare for more medical tests in the coming weeks, I am remembering to keep my chin up and stay positive throughout.

Living life with a guide dog has not been easy either. As much as he has changed my life in a positive aspect, there have been downsides, and struggles. Mack amazes me everyday, but keeping up with the constant training, the care, and the discipline has been taxing both emotionally and physically.

Being an advocate for visual impairment has really taken a back seat lately with college, my new dog and my declining health. Although I do not disclose all of my medical issues on the internet, whether that be psychological or physical, I do feel it important to talk about certain things in order to bring awareness to these issues.

So recently my life hasn’t been perfect. It has been difficult. Extremely difficult. But I have a great support system, a loving family and friends who are always there when I need a hang to hold.

I know this first semester of college has been filled with both ups and downs, but I also know that soon enough we will know what has been causing my declining health. Although these tests scare me, I do remember that these tests are going to be the ones to unlock my future and provide me with a better quality of life.

So, here is my update. I am hoping to continue my blog soon enough and get back to advocating not only for visual impairment, but for chronic illness in general.

I do hope that next semester I am better equipped to handle maintaining my blog and my Youtube.

Thank you to those who have stuck by me throughout this large transition and to those who are just joining my journey.

2 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Glad to see you’re publishing again :)! Sorry about your teacher and everything, sounds rough :(! Hope next semester is better


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