“Are you looking for gold?”

Hello Everyone! I apologize for being so absent on here as of late! I am on my way back from one vacation and on Monday heading to France, which I’ll be sure to blog plenty about.

While on my trip I went to a local gift shop and as I rounded the corner a child saw me with my cane and immediately started to stare. After taking 2 steps I looked back and there he was, still transfixed by the sight of someone so young with such a large stick. He finally worked up the courage to ask a question, but not the one I was expecting. He said in a very excited voice “Are you looking…. FOR GOLD?!” I found this funny and said “not for gold, but for something.”

That simple question was a life changer. No matter your circumstances or upbringing we each have our own gold that we are searching for. I know you’re probably reading this wondering why I took something asked so literally and turned it into something so complicated. The short answer is because I like thinking of things with layers, but the truth is that it’s true. We each have some kind of “gold” in our life. Something that we are reaching for, studying to achieve or waiting to accomplish and each person should spend moments focusing on the “gold” moments in their life and teach others how to find them as well.

This experience helped me realize the innocence of children and how amongst all things they are able to bounce back stronger and with such love for life. I strive to be the person who continues searching for the “gold” even if it means digging through multiple layers!

Thank you for reading and I hope this helped y’all get a sense of how to search for your own gold!

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