Why I Love Being Blind.

Hello Everyone! That is right, you saw it from the title, in this post I will be explaining why I love being blind. I know, it is a very odd topic of conversation and I am sure that if you have ever met someone other than myself who is blind or visually impaired they did not say they loved being blind, right? Well the truth is that I actually love being blind. When I say this, I don’t mean that it is the most amazing thing everyday and I am never sad about it, but more to the degree of I have learned how to accept it and be happy with the skin I was born with.

First of all, everyone always makes a big deal out of it when they first find out. That can either be good or bad. They could be intrigued and positive about it as well or they could feel like you are now gross and never talk to you again. No matter which of these reactions I get, I always tend to be positive whether or not others think it is a negative thing. Not only do people my age constantly act like blindnes is horrible, but because of the lack of educating children on blindness, whenever a child sees me with my white cane I can overhear the conversation they have with their mom and it usually starts like this “mommy, what is wrong with that girl?” Because parents these days tend to not want their children to know what potentially could happen to them, they usually say “oh honey, some people are just different”. I then feel the need to pull myself away from whatever I might be doing and tell the child myself that believe it or not “I am blind which means I can’t see like you”. If only parents would just tell their children straight up what is problem with people who carry canes, they might not stare as much. Obviously it is very understandable if a parent does not know exactly what is wrong, then why doesn’t a parent lead their child over to ask me? I never want children to feel like they don’t deserve to know what is going on around them. With that said, I believe that if you ask someone what is wrong with them, the reserve the right to keep that personal, but it never hurts to ask!

I love to be blind because I love a reason to be here, like we all do. My reason is to educate those who know little about blindness about what it is, how it works and the different types and diseases that cause blindness. Although some days being blind is not exactly awesome, I know that the reason I am here is to educate and that is exactly what I am doing through this blog. Speaking of the blog, we hit 1,000 visitors the other day and I have to say, I am blown away! 1,000 of you have tuned in my posts. I know 1,000 doesn’t seem like a large number, but for someone who is nowhere near celebrity status, 1,000 is quite a lot. Words can’t describe how much this blog has changed my life and how much it means to all of you blows my mind!

Sorry for that slight change of subject, but now back to what I was saying. Being blind is hard, no one ever said it wasn’t, but it is the thing that makes me unique. Although I may not be like everyone else or see like everyone else, I see in my own way and see our world through a unique lens.

That is why I love being blind. I hope you guys enjoyed this post as usual and make sure to stop back on Sunday to see the next post! Remember to laugh everyday.

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