Why I Chose The Medical Field?

Hello Everyone! In today’s blog post I wanted to address a topic that I get frequent questions about and that is: Why I chose the medical field for my career path? People see me with my cane and using my vision equipment and they immediately think that I, as a disabled person could never hold an esteemed career such as a doctor. But, I am here to tell you that I am proving everyone who has ever told me that being a doctor wouldn’t work out. Anyone who ever said that jobs such as working at fast food restaurants, or as janitors were left for the disabled had never met someone as strong-willed as I.

As many of you know, next year I am attending John Carroll University as part of the class of 2023 and majoring in Biology in Anatomy to eventually go into a career in medicine at Johns Hopkins University. Lofty goal, I know,, but I feel that with hard work and determination I will able to not only succeed for myself, but surpass some others in my class and become a highly recognized physician.

One of the biggest reasons I decided upon the career path was so that I coul be a doctor who changed the face of medicine and someone that parents relied on to take the best care of their children. Up until about 2 years ago, I had my whole life plan laid out. I was going to be a successful trial lawyer, study at Kent State for my undergraduate and then eventually move to Washington D.C. in order to pursue a job at a prestigious law firm. After an experience my junior year of high school, my eyes were really opened to the average life of a lawyer, which in contrast was much different from what I had imagined. This is not to say that a lawyer’s work is boring or unimportant, but as someone who loves to conversate with people, I felt that taking the career path of doctor was much more conducive to my well-being.

I longed for a career path that would let me interact with my patients while being the most knowledgeable person to help them with their problem. The second reason that I felt called to participate in the field of medicine was a more personal reason. Throughout my life I have probably seen a doctor over 10 different specialists for reoccurring symptoms and none of them seem to be able to find the problem. In the next few weeks, on May 14, I go to see a well-known Internal Medicine/Infectious Disease specialist who hopefully will be able to solve my problem. I never want a child to go through the process of floating from doctor to doctor as I did. I want to be the person that could prevent that by looking deeper into their problem and ordering the tests that other doctors wouldn’t think of ordering. I want to be a better doctor than some of the doctors I had, so I can change the lives of others.

Although this career path is one that has many obstacles, I am determined to show that even people who have major setbacks, whether they be physical or mental are strong. We are capable and no one can ever put us down. Those reasons listed above are the reasons that I decided to be a doctor. I wanted to make a change in people’s live and through medicine that is possible. There is always a future and new things that can be invented to help those who need it. I am determined to change the face of disability and destroy the stigma about what people who might have a setback can accomplish.

Thank you guys so much for keeping up with my journey, I hope you are enjoying these posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

My posting schedule is: Tuesday’s, Thursdays, and Sundays. Remember to laugh everyday.

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