I Was Unplanned…

Hello Everyone! Before getting into this blog post, I wanted to apologize for my recent absence from posting. Life just got away from me, and I didn’t have time to write up and thoughtfully think of a topic worth posting. So, I hope you guys can find it in your heart to forgive me for being terrible at keeping up with my schedule.

Also, I want to first add a disclaimer to this post. For some, this post may bring up difficult emotions or past experiences. I am not writing this to start any type of disagreements, in fact I am writing it for the opposite reason. Before starting, I also wanted to mention that in this post there will be details of the movie exposed, so if you are planning on seeing the film and don’t want it ruined, close your tab now.

The Story of Unplanned

As some of you might know, Unplanned, a movie about a woman’s journey from pro-choice to pro-life hit theatres this weekend. If you are unfamiliar with this film or what it is about, let me just start by giving you a little background.

Abby Johnson was the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Bryan, Texas, a town outside of Houston. In college she was walking around a career fair when the bright pink signs and merchandise of Planned Parenthood caught her eye. She proceeded to walk over when the woman at the stand told her that “the goal of Planned Parenthood is to reduce the amount of unwanted pregnancies by providing women with sex education classes and affordable birth control.” Basically she said “we are helping women in crisis.” Somewhat naive, Abby thought that helping women in crisis was something she was interested in pursuing, so she started as a volunteer escort, assisting clients who arrived inside and take their minds off the protesters outside of the clinic. Next, she became the head counselor of PP, a position where she used her degree in psychology to reassure women that what they were doing was not wrong and the baby felt no pain. After a few more years, Abby was promoted to Director of her clinic where she would monitor and track everything from abortions, to birth control distribution.

One day, after being invited to hold the probe for an ultrasound guided abortion, she decided she would never go back…..ever. This movie is the story of a woman who at Planned Parenthood over the course of 8 years, counseled women to have more than 22,000 babies terminated. Throughout the rest of this post, I will merely be explaining how this story relates to my own.

My Story

A while back, when my mom was just a young adult trying to find what she wanted to do with her life, one little “plus” sign changed her life. She was pregnant. Later, she would find out it was a little girl and two months after this girl was born, she and my dad learned that their little girl was blind. This girl is me, and this is my story.

For a woman like my mother, she was not expecting to be pregnant before she had her life plan figured out. She was young, and in college, and (per her) had no idea how she was going to make it work. Some people suggested abortion. “You’re not financially stable”, “You’re too young”, “you can’t provide a decent life for a baby”.  These are just some reasons people say that abortion is the right answer. The truth is, my parents were financially unstable, they were too young, and they did not know at all if they could provide a decent life for a baby. Is anyone ever really financially stable enough to raise a baby? My parents said they were not.

My mother believed that I was a real human being inside her, even early in her pregnancy, so she found the courage to tell her parents about me, and decide what to do next with their support, whether to put me up for adoption or start a family earlier than she expected. While my mom never did consider abortion, she did consider adoption in order to give me the best possible chance at a awesome future. My mom does not believe that people should raise children they do not feel they can raise.

My mother (and dad) decided to keep me and 17 years later I can assure you she is not regretting her decision.

Don’t get me wrong, it was no easy road these past 17 years. We were never really “financially well off” and it was hard for her to be a mother to a disabled child, but I think my story proves to people that raising a baby that was unplanned when you are financially unstable and young is not impossible, even if it is a little (or very) difficult.

Although some have tried hard to hurt this movie’s chances by banning the Twitter page for the movie, refusing to air the trailers on their station, and possibly blacklisting most of the actors, Unplanned hit theatres on March 29, 2019 and so far it has brought in more than double its estimates. Opening weekend, Unplanned earned 6 million dollars making it the second highest box office Christian film to hit the theatres.

Do not think that this film is not controversial, it definitely is, but it is a film that I recommend everyone to see because it is one of the few that really takes a look into the reality of abortion and its effects on the mind and body. This woman, Abby Johnson has inspired thousands already and with the release of this film, there will be thousands more to come. All those children who did not get a chance to speak, a chance to laugh or a chance to play because it would be inconvenient for someone else are up there in heaven looking down on us, forever loving.

No matter who you are or what your circumstances are, you are an overcomer and there are so many other good options out there in the world and, while you do have the option to make the choice, I urge you to consider my story and make the right one. I’m so thankful my mother did.

3 thoughts on “I Was Unplanned…

  1. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us, Zoe. Thank God you are here on this planet and part of my family and so many other lives. You have amazing and wonderful parents and family. We are all blessed to have you share your journey through life with us. Please keep up your blog, but on your own schedule. Don’t stress about it, we like it whenever you have time to post.❤️❤️❤️


  2. Hi Zoe! I finally sat down and read this post. God has used your life and will continue to. We pray for all the babies that didn’t get a chance to be an instrument for the Lord, and for the mom’s that were deceived into thinking there wasn’t a better way. May their hearts heal and may this movie change the hearts and minds of many.


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