My Life Will Officially Never Be The Same Ever Again…….

Hello Everyone! Today, I wanted to bring you a very exciting blog post! This might be the most exciting post I have ever uploaded. I don’t want to over hype it or anything, but I will just preface this post by saying I have had this title as a draft for months. I am finally allowed to give you guys an update on this and I could not be happier.

If this is your first time reading my blog, as with any of my other posts, I wanted to give a little back story to how this happened. Yesterday was Tuesday, February 26. Up until the drive home, it had been a pretty average day. I had gotten up at the same time I always did, gone to school, gone to the same classes I go to everyday and then hopped in the car with my friend for her to drive me home just like she does everyday. We had just pulled out of the school when I got an email. Thinking little of it, I decided to check it anyway because truth be told I am just that extra.

What I read next brought tears to my eyes. Yes, that is right, literal tears. The email read a little something like this:

“Hello Zoe, I’m pleased to inform you that your application for a guide Dog has been accepted. Please see the attached letter for details.”

This sentence was one I had been waiting to see for months. Ever since the day I submitted my online application in October, I knew that one day those words would make the entire process worth it. Have you ever wanted something so bad that is all you an think about? That is basically what happened to me!

I could not believe that something I had been praying for so long actually happened. Although I knew it was in the Lord’s hands this entire time, at some points I still had some doubts.

If for some reason you are not following what I am trying to say, I am getting a Guide Dog!!!! Many of you might be confused because I have mentioned here and there in the past, but that was because I had not actually been accepted to the program and could not give too much information away in case I did not get in.

Well, I have done it! I have gotten and you guys are some of the first people to know. This announcement might seem pretty lame to you, but to me it is one of the biggest things that has ever happened.

For any of you out there struggling with physical or mental disability and are possibly considering a service dog, let me be the first one to tell you that it is incredibly worth it, but things that are worth it usually require a lot of work! Service dogs are indeed a lot of work, but the work they can do for you is priceless.

Thank you guys so much for following me on this journey. This post has been a long time coming and applying for a service animal is anything but easy. But now I can say that I am at peace. Can’t wait to share more updates with you guys as the process moves along!

Until next time, remember to laugh everyday!

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