It Has Taken Me Sixteen Years…

Happiness. That is something we all strive for. How can we be happy? What kinds of things promote happiness? When will we know full happiness? The answer is uncertain. Both unfortunately and fortunately, there is no instruction manual on how to live life happily.

Happiness is hard enough to achieve when you have everything in life, but even harder when you have something that adds an extra burden. Being visually impaired has been the best and worst part of my life. Nothing comes easily when you have a struggle. Whether that struggle be a physical disability or an inner struggle that only you know about.

I want to be someone who breaks barriers and opens up about the struggle. What some would consider taboo, I consider the most important.

I was in a dark place for 16 years of my life. Ever since I knew how to speak, I hated that fact that I was not normal. When people would ask about my disability, it just seemed as if I was uttering a bunch of broken words. “I am blind. I have Optic Nerve Hypoplasia”. That is a sentence I have spoken hundreds of times and for the longest time, I thought of it as a series of words, because really thinking about it brought me to a place I could not physically or emotionally handle. In the year 2018, I changed my attitude and outlook on life. I could be sad, lonely and turn away from God, or I could be happy, grateful and inspirational. I had a choice to make, and right there I chose happiness. Life almost never turns out how we expected, but we can make the best of the cards we have been given.

For anyone struggling with something physical or something they keep in the deepest parts of their souls, just know that getting help, seeing a therapist might seem like the worst and most embarrassing option, but in reality it is the one that brings you the most long term joy.

I know I was tired of living in darkness, in sadness, so I changed it. I changed the way I thought, the way I acted and the way I lived. Instead of being sad about all the things I could not do, all the things I could never see, I was happy and grateful for all the things that I had.

I want to be positive and show everyone that all of us have struggles, and getting help or talking about them is not embarrassing and should not be considered taboo.

Let your brightest light shine and remember to laugh everyday.

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2 thoughts on “It Has Taken Me Sixteen Years…

  1. I think of feeling happy as a response to our temporary circumstances, but true Joy can be constant regardless of circumstances. Sounds like you are choosing Joy everyday. Our sufferings on Earth are temporary and knowing Christ is the source of our hope and a reality of a future with him! You have Joy because you have found your purpose and are using your struggles to serve the Lord. God had blessed you with wisdom at a young age.


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